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Who wouldn’t want a delicate fuzzy little kitten like this three day old palm size new born that is 100% dependent on its mother? This colorpoint short hair Exotic may grow up to be as beautiful as this Grand Champion Cream Point, it might turn into a flame (red) point, or perhaps a blue point or a seal (black ) point, a tortie or bluecream point or even a Lynx point (tabby pattern).

Exotics come in every color and pattern that a Persian has, and their body color can determine their eye color. All colorpoints have blue eyes, the darker the better. Our solids, silvers and bicolors have copper eyes as an adult. Kittens are born with their eyes closed to protect from the claws of their littermates; by seven to ten days old their eyes open and are dark blue. At about ten weeks of age the eyes will turn green and then copper if they are going to have copper eyes as an adult or blue if they are colorpoints.

The short hair gene is dominant, but two short haired parents can still produce a long haired kitten because the long hair gene is recessive and can be carried by the dominant gene. Two long hair Exotics cannot produce a short haired Exotic even if their parents are short hairs; (that is the parents of the parents are short hair). All colorpoints are born white and their color comes in slowly starting on the ears, the tail, then the face and lastly the feet. The parents determine the color of their babies.

Flame point and cream point females must come from parents that both show some red or cream. Most professional breeders do not breed for pets, therefore buyers who ask for pictures of the litter cannot expect to select the one they want. The seller decides which kittens can be sold as pets. The smallest imperfection can determine whether a kitten is sold as a pet even if that flaw disappears as an adult.

I breed one or two litters of Himalayans a year and select which kitten may be used in my Exotic breeding program. All deposits are refundable within 60 days and all kittens are sold with a money back guarantee.
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